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Yellow and Beige Custom Curtains

Yellow and Beige Custom Curtains
Yellow and Beige Custom Curtains
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Width in dropdown menu is non-pleated width. The widths listed are before folds/pleats.

As a general rule, for proper fullness panels should measure 2 times the width of your window/opening.

So we recommend ordering panels that are double the width of your curtain pole/track. For example, if your curtain pole/window is 36 inches wide, we suggest TWO panels of 36 inches EACH, and not two panels of 18 inches each.

The height of the curtain is the length from the top to the bottom of the curtain. It depends on the specific conditions of the window, the room or the furniture and can be up to and below the window sill, to the ground or to 2-3 cm. from the floor.

! NB We can also offer pleated and other types of sewing. We are very specialized in the production of draperies. Please contact us if you want to order a drapery with more sophisticated sewing, and if you need help or advice.


TIME FOR PRODUCTION: Most curtain sewing orders are processed within 10 - 12 business days