We are pleased to present one of the leading independent stores for furniture, textiles and decor, based in Burgas, Bulgaria - Monna Home.

We combine the skills, passion and creativity of our interior design consultants to bring color, design and flair together to create both classic and contemporary furniture.

Monna Home offers:

Curtains and drapes



MDF kitchens - design, manufacture and installation of kitchen furniture.


Curtain accessories

With us you will find high quality curtains, blinds, curtains and accessories.

We are closely specialized in sewing draperies. You can see many of our offers here: CURTAINS, but if you need something special - do not hesitate to contact us. We can sew everything for your windows.

Contact us - brillanthomeburgas@abv.bg

Phone: 0889 220 221

Address of the store: Burgas, 26 Kiril i Metodiy Str

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Take a look at a small part of our projects: